Rates vs. Costs

I was naive when I first got involved in the digital donation world. That is where I learned that NOTHING is free, regardless of the marketing. And boy, did I get marketed. I just wanted to preach, not be involved in a tech world, but out of necessity, I had to educate myself on the intricacies of that arena (not that I needed to; I am just a bit of a control freak).

During that exploration, I realized there were so many hidden fees that comprised the overall cost of any service. The real question to ask is, what are my overall expenses? Many companies will quote you a processing fee. Still, that fee does not include sign-up fees, software fees, app fees, minimum monthly expenses, gateway fees, customer support fees, tech support fees, reporting fees, early termination fees, record fees (for early termination), etc. Many churches often experience an additional 1-3% extra fees they were not expecting. Our fee structure is simple.

Processing fees 2.60% All cards including American Express +$.20/transaction. ACH fees are .50% + $1.00 Transaction fee capped at $5.00. Destiny charges a simple .25% for all transactions. So, 2.85% + $.20/transaction all-inclusive for cards, .5% + $1 capped at $5 with a .25% Chrimata fee.

The beauty of Destiny is that your donors can add all processing fees to their donation, which may result in a net of $0.00 for the organization. The only requirement is to make at least one transaction every 90 days. Below is a typical illustration of fees.